Neighborhood News:

Many thanks to our Mailbox Committee:  Craig and Kate MacKay, Ruth Field, Sharon Scott, Gary Hendricks, and Board Chair Fred Wayand.  Construction has begun for the enclosure for our new mailboxes.  Complete installation may take about 3 months due to manufacturing of the mailboxes.  Visit the Fairfield website for details and pictures.  CLICK HERE

Many thanks for our Landscape Committee:  Nancy Olson, Cathy Wayand, Isabel and Gary Hendricks, and Board Chair Sharon Jarvis.  Irrigation replacement for the common areas will begin mid-March with the lighting renovation beginning shortly thereafter. 

Special thanks to Linda Longlet of the Website Communications Committee.  Linda created 8 tutorials for navigating and using the Fairfield website.  The tutorials were published in the newsletters from June 2020 through January 2021.   The tutorials can be found on the website by clicking on Announcements and then Newsletters to the right.  Then scroll through the Newsletter items for Website Tips and Tools.  Contact a Website Communication Committee member, Linda Longlet, Al Stecklein, and Sharon Jarvis, if you need any assistance using the website. 

Neighborhood Reminder:

An ARC form is required for ANY  change to the outside of your home or property.  Contact an ARC member if you have questions or need assistance with the form. ARC members are Jeff Jarvis, Ann Nuorala, Sandra Keeney, and Board Chair Joe Brandhuber.