The following is a repeat of the information in the email.  Scroll down for pictures and diagrams.

Greetings Fairfield Homeowners,

Numerous homeowners have made requests to the Board for updated and more functional mailboxes.  The homeowners expressed a need for a newer and richer appearance, and more functionality. The demand for separate large mail boxes has increased over the last several years and the USPS has requested an increase for their delivery needs.  The Board agreed to review the requests for mailbox replacement.

The Board budgeted the funds to accomplish this upgrade in 2021.  Volunteers were sought and a Mailbox Committee was formed.  The Board would like to thank Craig MacKay, Ruth Fields, Gary Hendricks, and Sharon Scott.  The Committee has done an outstanding job of researching and evaluating the availability of products, installers, and Post Office requirements and coordination.

The committee has submitted an extremely detailed proposal and their recommendation meets the objective of additional large boxes and an appearance that reflects the beauty of our community.

The proposed new mailboxes will be located in the same area and will:

  • Include 8 large package delivery boxes and 3 additional extra-large boxes.
  • The mailboxes will be set off further from the sidewalk allowing the sidewalk to remain open for other pedestrians.
  • The mailbox banks will be a rich color of “Antique Bronze” and framed in stacked rock complimenting the mailbox color and common area.
  • Provide subdued lighting above the mailboxes after dark.
  • An outgoing mail slot large enough for a 11X13 envelope.
  • Individual mail boxes will be larger with engraved numbers.

Projected time frame for completion is 3 months after Board approval.

The Board will vote on the Mailbox Committee’s proposal during the Board meeting this Thursday, February 18, at 1:00pm.

This photo is a mailbox structure in a nearby neighborhood.  The Fairfield mailboxes will be from the same manufacturer, Florence Corporation, and the same style.  However, the color will be lighter, Antique Bronze.

This picture displays the color “Antique Bronze”

This is the stacked stone to enclose the mailbox bank.

“Wolf Creek Country Ledgestone”

This will be the layout of the mailboxes.  The installation of the mailbox banks will be done by Exterior Systems.