•      Fairfield Gate Camera Policy #5

Sharon Jarvis shared information concerning the new installation of the cameras located at the gate and the need for a written policy.  The Board discussed a policy template provided by HBS and one created by The Fairfield Board of Directors.  It was decided that the Board will clarify one aspect of the policy template the Board had created and then put the policy in place.

  • Capital Improvement Fee at Closing for Fairfield Homes

Sharon Jarvis and Sharon Scott explained that the subject had come to the attention of the Board because a fee had been charged incorrectly over the last few years.  HBS will be sending a letter and refunding affected homeowners.  The Board discussed the vote process if the Board were to pursue implementing a fee at closing.  No motion was made.

  • Secondary Reserve Fund Account

Craig MacKay reported his finding about HBS’s access to the HOA accounts.  The Board discussed opening an account with UBS, or with the current bank that already has our Operation and Reserve accounts.  The Board had approved creating a secondary reserve account at the previous meeting. Craig MacKay and Sharon Scott will work with HBS accounting to set-up a secondary reserve account for a large portion of the reserves to earn a better interest rate.