How to complete the ARC Form with ‘Supporting Documents’ on the Fairfield Vistoso Website:

1. Log in to website

2. Select ‘FORMS’ from the Menu across top

3. Select ‘ARC REQUEST’

4.  Homeowner information will be automatically filled in based on the profile. Scrolldown and complete the form. Fields marked with a red asterisk (​*​) are required.

5.  Complete the necessary information about your specific project.

6.  If you want to attach a file, such as a drawing or picture, scroll down to the section titled ‘Supporting Documents’.

7.  In the ‘Upload Files’ field, you can drag and drop a file from your desktop to the area noted, or you can click on ‘Select Files’.  If you chose ‘Select Files’, your laptop or desktop will give you a list of available files. On a MAC desktop, the available list looks like this:

On the left menu, is a list of folders where your files are stored.  Click on the folder where you stored the file you want to attach to your ARC Request.  Locate the file to be attached, highlight it, and click on ‘OPEN’ on the bottom right side.  Close the menu list of your folder and files.

8.  Your attached file appears on the bottom of the ‘Supporting Documents’ field.  You may include several attachments by continuing to drag and drop them or selecting them from your desktop or laptop.  If you wish to delete the attachment, click on the ​encircled red X.​  Enter any ‘Additional Information’ in the field indicated

9.  Complete the ARC Request form as noted and click “SUBMIT”.  Your ARC request will be emailed to the ARC and a copy will be emailed to the homeowner email that was used on the ARC request form.