As mentioned in another article in the Fairfield Newsletter, the Fairfield Annual Meeting will be held in early April.  In preparation for the Annual Meeting, we will be electing 2 Board members.  HOA Members can self nominate for a position on the Board using the self nomination form on the website.  Here’s how to access the form:

1.  Log in to the Fairfield website:

2.  Select ‘FORMS’ from the menu:

3.  A list of available forms will display on the right side.  Choose the Self Nomination Form.

4.  Below is an example of only the top portion of the self nomination form.  After logging in to the website, click on FORMS and then SELF NOMINATION FORM.  Be sure to scroll DOWN through the form and complete the bottom portion.  Click SUBMIT at the bottom.

Please contact a Website Administrator with questions about the form.

Al Stecklein, Sharon Jarvis, Linda Longlet