This month we will continue explaining the categories on the Fairfield website. In the October newsletter, the Fairfield Directory was highlighted. This time we will highlight ‘NEWS’ on the main web page and ‘NEWS & RESOURCES’ on the page after logging in. These two options provide HOA Members and non-members with relevant events, announcements, news and resources.

1.  There are two locations for news and resources.  The first location is right on the main page of the website.  BEFORE logging in, note the ‘NEWS’ menu choice on the main page.  This  is information for both HOA members and non-members.

2. Clicking on the ‘NEWS’ menu choice before logging in will move the cursor down the page to Events and Announcements. This information is for both HOA Members and non-HOA Members. Check out the black ‘carrot’ on the bottom right side. Clicking on it will move the page back to the top.

3. AFTER logging in, note the menu item on the green ribbon called ‘NEWS & RESOURCES’. This area includes information presented on the main page for non-HOA Members, as well as information just for HOA Members.

4. Click on ‘NEWS & RESOURCES’, and 4 choices become available:

5.  Click on one of the items, Events Calendar, FAQ’s, Announcements or Newsletters, to find out more information.
Please contact a website administrator with your questions – Sharon Jarvis, Al Stecklein, Joe Brandhuber, or Linda Longlet