The Fairfield website has a directory of all the homeowners in Fairfield.  The directory includes the homeowner’s address, lot number, and phone numbers.

Emergency contact information may be added by the homeowner by editing their profile under ‘My Profile’.

To access the directory on the Fairfield website:

1.Login to the website and click on ‘DIRECTORY’

2.   A list of all Fairfield homeowners will display alphabetically by last name.

3.   On the right side are 3 green bars titled ‘PDF Directory by Alpha’, ‘PDF Directory by Lot’ and ‘PDF Fairfield Lot Map’.  Click on the green bar to download each item.

4.   The information in each column can be re-ordered by clicking on the green title of the column.

5.   Or, you can search the directory database by completing the ‘Search’ field and clicking on the search icon next to the box.

6.  Filter the directory database by Role or Street.  Click on the arrow in the filter box and choose one of the options.  The database will display those homeowners matching your filter request.

For example, if you want a list of all the homeowners on W. Mulligan Dr,  click on the arrow in the Filter by Street box and highlight W Mulligan Dr.  A list of the homeowners living on W Mulligan Dr will appear below the filter box.

7.  If you want a list of homeowners serving on a specific committee, such as the Landscape and Maintenance Committee, click on the arrow in the ‘Filter by Role’ and choose the LMC role.  Again, the list of homeowners serving on the committee will appear below the filter box.

Please take a moment to review your profile and make any changes.  We would encourage homeowners to add ‘Emergency Contacts’.

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your profile, please contact one of the Website Administers – Al Stecklein, Sharon Jarvis, Linda Longlet, Joe Brandhuber.