Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!
This month’s website tip is about the FAQ’s, or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ our homeowners have asked about the Fairfield HOA.  This section also provides answers to the FAQ’s.
1.  To access the FAQ’s, log in to the website and click on ‘News & Resources’, then ‘FAQ’s’.

2.  The FAQ section will appear with 5 choices:
HOA Info
Home Improvement and ARC
Neighborhood Rules
Property Management Company
Click on ‘ALL’ and a listing of all the FAQ’s will display.  To find the answer to a specific FAQ, click on the question.

3. Click on ‘HOA INFO’ and information specific to the HOA, such as ‘Where do I find Association documents’ will display:

4,  Click on ‘HOME IMPROVEMENT AND ARC’ for questions such as ‘What are the approved paint colors for my association?’
5 Click on ‘NEIGHBORHOOD RULES’ for some of the specific rules for the Fairfield neighborhood such as ‘Are there restrictions on the number and types of animals allowed in the neighborhood?’
6.  The last category is ‘PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY’.  Click on this category for information pertaining to the Fairfield Property Management Company.  The Property Manager’s contact information is available here or click on ‘CONTACT US’ shown in green in the paragraph above the categories to email a question directly to the Property Manager.
Please contact a member of the Website Administration Committee with any questions.