The gate company has obtained the needed metal and mesh screen along with the design templates to begin manufacturing.  They expect the manufacturing portion of the project to be complete near the end of July.  The committee will work with the gate company at the end of the process to determine the final color of the gate components.

They will use a specific color chemical stain and once applied, they rinse it off with water after a short period of time.  The color is derived by how long the chemical stays on the metal before being rinsed off and how often the water is used to rinse off.  The difference between the frame color and the screen color is determined by the color of the chemical stain and then how long the stain is on before being rinsed off.  The Committee will have time to choose the colors, as that is done toward the very end of the process.

Though the final installation is not yet determined, the gate operators will be shipped to the gate contractor within the next few weeks to be ready for the installation.