We are excited to report the finalizing of the general design/layout details of the general revitalization area. The committee has focused our efforts on areas inside the pool and the entire front common area behind the mailboxes as well as making improvements on the concrete patch left from the old mailboxes using pavers that blend with the mailbox rock.

The ‘Focal Areas’ planned for the pool entry area and corner of Mulligan and Maxfli are still in the design phase. The scope of our project will include filling in the erosion next to the sidewalk near the pool gate. We will then re-rock the entire area with rocks that best match the existing color, adding some rip rap and a few new boulders along the way. Our focus has been to remove plants that have become woody and haggard and replace with a variety of drought tolerant plants with color and cactus.

The project has been broken down into various phases for planning and budgeting reasons. We are hoping to acquire and install the new plantings in August. We will be working with the gate committee to schedule a time that doesn’t conflict with their work. We plan to get the focal point design finalized soon so we can have that installed by the end of the year.