Update:  The pool and restrooms are available for use.  The spa will re-open when a part can be installed to control the jets.

Greetings Fairfield Homeowners,

The focus of the water loss has returned to the irrigation system.   The Board is reviewing repair options.

The Town of Oro Valley’s WaterSmart tracking program has shown a significant increase in water usage during the past month.

Extensive investigation of the common area irrigation system does not show evidence of a water leak.

The next possibility could be a leak in the spa and/or pool or faulty equipment.  Oasis will be doing the testing this upcoming week.  The pool and spa will not be usable beginning Monday Oct 3 through Wednesday Oct 5.  All of the pool and spa equipment and water will be shut off.

At this time we do not know if the water to the restrooms will also be shut-off.  The technician will advise about the restroom availability when he/she arrives on Monday.  This Announcement will be updated with this information when it is received.  An update email from Fairfield Vistoso HOA will also be sent.

The pool and spa testing may also help conclude if there is leak in the water line from Maxfli to the cabana and pool/spa.

In addition to our efforts, the Town of Oro Valley will be inspecting the meter for accuracy.

Thank you for your patience while a possible water leak is being investigated.