The Trades List, Grandma’s Closet and Medical Devices to Lend are documents available on the website. Copies of the documents are under the ‘News and Resources’ drop down menu.

The ‘Trades List’ is a listing companies/trades periodically used by Fairfield homeowners.This is NOT an endorsement and the homeowners do not guarantee the work done by any company or work group.

‘Grandma’s Closet’ is a collection of baby and children’s items and toys, such as a stroller, highchair, etc. Please contact the homeowner who is storing these items to borrow.

‘Medical Devices to Lend’ are items some homeowners have and are willing to lend them to others, such as crutches, wheelchair, walker. Please contact the homeowner noted on the document to borrow the item.

We would like someone to volunteer to go through the ‘Trades List’ and contact each company to make sure they are still in business and wish to remain on our Trades List.  If you can volunteer, please contact Al Stecklein at

Homeowners with items in Grandma’s Closet, or have Medical Devices to Lend, please provide updates. If you have an additional item to add to these collections, please email Linda Longlet at or Al Stecklein at