Update on June 4th – Message from Bayer Vella, Oro Valley Town Planning Manager, to Preserve Vistoso Members

In light of the Town Council’s discussion regarding options for the former Vistoso Golf Course, Romspen, has requested that all neighborhood meetings regarding their application be postponed for 30 days. The purpose of the request is to provide the Town, Romspen, and the Conservation Group time to review the options for the Vistoso Golf Course, and also for Romspen to evaluate their application. I want to make it clear that from the Town’s perspective, these neighborhood meetings are not being cancelled; they are being postponed until further notice.

This 30 days is just a hiatus in the public engagement component to allow for due diligence to be performed. At the end of 30 days, Romspen may pull, modify, or proceed with their application. Once Romspen communicates their intent, staff will resume the public engagement process and reschedule the neighborhood meetings for late July. If Romspen ultimately decides to pull their application, the public engagement process would stop as there would be no application to discuss.

Since the first neighborhood meetings was scheduled for tonight, the Planning Team intends to host the meeting and provide an update on the project’s status. The applicant’s representative, Linda Morales, will also provide an update. As the other meetings for this topic are being postponed, we will not be taking questions or allowing public comment. Since the applicant may or may not change their application based on last night’s direction from Council, any responses to questions about traffic, studies, etc. would be conjecture at this point. It also seems to be an inequity in allowing one group of homeowners (tonight’s group) to ask questions and comment, while postponing the other meetings and not providing those residents with the same opportunity.


Bayer Vella, AICP
Planning Manager
Town of Oro Valley