Please read the following message from Cathy Wayand, a fellow Fairfield homeowner:

I have been working with the Town of Oro Valley Senior Task Force.  This committee was created in response to a need to learn what kind of programs and activities Seniors would like to have available in Oro Valley with the goal to create a survey for Seniors. The surveys are available during the month of September.

“The Town of Oro Valley is working to broaden and improve access to recreational programs for seniors. Your answers to the following questions will help us identify the type of programming that is of greatest interest to residents ages 55+”

There are two ways to complete the survey.  Printed surveys can be obtained and dropped off at the OV Community Center, the Aquatic Center, Town of Oro Valley offices, OV Library and other community sites.  The survey can also be downloaded then printed and returned.

The second way to complete the survey is online on the Town of Oro Valley’s website.

For access to the online survey, or to download and print the survey, and to read the press release CLICK HERE.