Are you currently leasing or renting your home in the Fairfield at Rancho Vistoso neighborhood?  Are you considering leasing or renting your home in the future? Are you using or considering using a leasing agent?

There are several state/county statutes and HOA rules to consider when leasing or renting your Fairfield home:

1.  The minimum period you can lease or rent your home is 90 days.

2.  The entire dwelling unit, which includes the casita, may be leased or rented and only to a single family.

(Fairfield HOA CC&R’s Section 10.10  and Rancho Vistoso Master community CC&R’s Section 5.2.1c)

3.   The Fairfield homeowner must notify the Fairfield Vistoso HOA.  The Fairfield website ( has a Tenant Information form for the homeowner to complete and submit to the HOA.  After the homeowner logs into the website, the Tenant form is located under the ‘Forms’ portion of the menu.

4.  Security Gate Access devices and codes must be obtained for the renter.  These devices and codes are unique to each renter.  Any cost associated with devices and codes are the responsibility of the homeowner. Homeowners are not to give their personal devices/cards/codes to the renter.  If the renter uses the homeowner’s personal codes, the codes will be deactivated, and new codes assigned.

5.  If you lease or rent your property you must re-classify your property with the Pima County Assessor’s office and register with the state of AZ.  Failure to register with the state and the county could result in fines up to $150 per day.(A.R.S 33-1901 and 1902)

6.   If you are using a Leasing Agent, you must notify the Fairfield Vistoso HOA in writing (A.R.S 33-1806.1).  The Fairfield HOA has no role in the selection of a Leasing Agent.  Upon notification by the homeowner of the Leasing Agent relationship, ‘…the association is authorized to conduct all association business relating to the member’s rental property through the designated agent. Any notice given by the association to a member’s designated agent on any matter relating to the member’s rental property constitutes notice to the member…’.  Further, according to A.R.S. 33-1902 (B), ‘an out-of-state owner shall designate and record with the County Assessor a statutory agent who lives in this state and who will accept legal service on behalf of the owner…’

Leasing Agents will be assigned a unique Security Gate Code.  Again, if the Leasing Agent is using the Homeowner’s security gate codes, they will be deactivated.

7.  The Homeowner is responsible to forward HOA Announcements or Emails affecting the renter.  Examples of HOA Announcements or Emails that might affect a renter are street resurfacing, security gate issues, fire evacuations, pool closure, etc. Non-HOA members do not have access to the private side of the Fairfield website, and therefore do receive HOA information directly.

8.  The homeowner shall not provide the renter, or the Leasing Agent, with login instructions and a password necessary to access the member-only Fairfield website.

If you have questions regarding leasing or renting your Fairfield home, please contact the Fairfield Property Manager, the Pima County Assessor’s office, or your personal attorney.