The current phone number at the gate podium is (520) 544-5794.

Some of you may see the caller ID as “Fairfield Gate” when you are called from the podium for entrance through the gate, though some may not unless you’ve stored the number as such in your “Contacts”.

There has been an additional phone line added at the gate podium.  The new phone number is (520) 447-5788. It has caller ID so some of you may automatically see the incoming call with “Fairfield Gate”.  Though this might not always be the case.

The two lines will be tested throughout the coming weeks to determine their viability of programming of the new gate access system and other features.  If you are someone that doesn’t answer calls with no ID, we recommend that you store both numbers in your cell phone as a “Contact” with “Fairfield Gate”.

Please contact a Board member with any questions.