Over the past year many residents have hired contractors for projects ranging from
significant interior and/or exterior remodels to refreshing rocks in their yard.
Many of these projects require materials to be temporally stored on the street then
moved to the worksite. Further, contractor vehicles and equipment are parked on
the street leaking fluids.

The HOA spent $20,000 dollars to resurface our streets. The sealant used has a 5-
year warranty. However, the warranty does not cover damages caused by gouging
and leaking fluids.

Please refer to the Design Guidelines Section G. 5. and 6.

5. All materials, tools, construction-related equipment (such as port-a-potty, saws, drills, etc) will be stored on the homeowner’s property in such a manner visibility is limited from the street. If materials must be initially placed on the street, a ground cover will be placed over the street before the material is
unloaded. A cone will be placed on the outside edge of the material.
6. The homeowner is responsible in a timely fashion to repair any street and/or sidewalk damage caused by the work to the satisfaction of the Board.

Most contractors are aware of the possibility of road damage and supply a tarp.
However, please make this request in advance with the contractor and supply a tarp yourself if necessary.

If a contractor vehicle is leaking fluids an absorbent material should be used and removed daily
by the contractor.

Though the Board and fellow homeowners appreciate the upkeep and updating of
homes in our neighborhood, these common-sense steps will help reduce sealant

Thank you in advance for your help.