Greetings Fairfield Residents,

The Fairfield Board is providing the following information in an effort to keep our community advised about the previous Vistoso Golf Property.

The Town of Oro Valley is having a virtual Town Council Regular Session meeting Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 6:00pm.  Preserve Vistoso is urging community members to join the meeting in support of preserving the golf course land as a nature preserve, open space, and paved trail.   Preserve Vistoso believes Oro Valley Town Management is at a critical stage in the negotiations with Romspen.  Though the details of the negotiations have not been made public, Preserve Vistoso feels it is important to keep pressure on the Town and Romspen to reach an agreement as we get closer to the April 1 deadline set by Mayor Winfield.  Your attendance on Town Council Zoom meeting will help indicate the community’s continuing interest in seeing the property preserved.

The Town Manager’s report is near the beginning of the meeting and usually includes an update on the Vistoso negotiations. Following the manager’s report, several members of the Preserve Vistoso Board will address the Council during “Call to Audience” to urge them to complete an agreement with Romspen.

The meeting agenda and Zoom instructions are available on the Oro Valley Town website:, then “Meetings and Agendas”.

Best Regards,

The Fairfield Board