Greetings Fairfield Residents,

The following is a message from The Conservation Fund:

February 22, 2022



Former Vistoso Golf Course Acquisition Complete


Thanks to the generous contributions of over 600 individuals in the community, over $1.8 million dollars was raised, and the negotiation and successful acquisition of the former Vistoso Golf Course is now complete. Last week, prior to closing, we met with Town of Oro Valley officials and discussed an interim management plan to address immediate life safety and ADA issues.  The Conservation Fund made an initial financial commitment towards beginning that work in close coordination with the Town.

Before starting we want to have a cogent and consistent plan and focus on the issues of highest priority.  Fire and public safety issues are the immediate priority and creating a clear, consistent, and sustainable buffer behind the homes that border the property, and along established paths, is at the top of the list. We have a follow up meeting with the Town on Thu 2/24 to discuss next steps.

During the interim ownership period The Conservation Fund will be managing the property as if it is part of the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department. The guidelines for interim management will be virtually identical to other property under current ownership by the Town.

As such, we are advising all residents and visitors that no work is allowed or authorized on the property without first obtaining concurrence from the Town or The Conservation Fund. However, the property is open for visitor use and enjoyment.


We sincerely appreciate the concern and work some residents have performed previously and we don’t want to discourage anyone from volunteering to assist in the future.  The Town will welcome community involvement and volunteer participation but before any further work is advanced there needs to be a cogent and consistent plan that aligns with long-term management of the property as an open space and natural area. We will remain actively involved and all future actions will be coordinated directly with the Town being thoughtful and deliberate about this unique property.

Mike Ford

Nevada and Southwest Director

The Conservation Fund