Due to the age of our Fairfield homes, many homeowners are updating their interiors and exteriors.  Construction such as removing and installing new flooring,  patio surfaces, and other renovation work can greatly impact adjacent neighbors and other residents.  The Board has drafted “ARC Request Appendix Guidelines” to address these types of major construction.  The guidelines are not intended to add additional restriction, only to mitigate the impact on other community members.  Please review the following appendix:




The Appendix located in the Design Guidelines is integral part of the ARC Process. The Guidelines listed below are part of the ARC review.  When completing the ARC Form the homeowner is responsible to review and respond, as applicable, as part of their submission. Responses are to be included in the Supporting Documents section of the ARC form.  Failure to respond will result in approval being not granted.

The Guidelines are:

  1. When requested by the ARC written confirmation that owners of adjacent lots do not object to the requested modifications.
  2. Contractors’ activity will be between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Work on weekends and holidays must be approved by a Board member prior to the work taking place.
  3. Contractor’s parking cannot block driveways and to the extent practicable be on same side of the street.
  4. Tools and equipment will be located on the homeowner’s property and stored in such a manner that limits visibility from the street.
  5. Materials will be stored on the homeowner’s property in such a manner that limits visibility from the street. If materials must be initially placed on the street a ground cover will be placed over the street before the material is unloaded.  A cone will be placed on the outside edge of the material.
  6. The homeowner is responsible in a timely fashion to repair any street and/or sidewalk damage caused by the work to the satisfaction of the Board.
  7. If a dumpster is necessary, review and comply with “Rule 6: Storage Containers (PODS)”.
  8. If a port a potty is used it will be located to minimize visibility from the street.
  9. Streets and areas visible from the street will be cleaned up on daily bases.
  10. Adjacent homeowners will be notified before start of construction including start and completion dates.
  11. Copy of the submission to the Town of Oro Valley (“TOV”) requesting permits.
  12. Copy of the permits approved by TOV.
  13. At the discretion of the ARC other requirements may be established depending on the proposed project.