Our community offers common areas for all to enjoy!  If you have an interest in overseeing the current upkeep in our common areas and future improvements, please consider joining our Landscape Committee!  Below is the Landscape Committee Charter that is in the process of being adopted by the Board.  Please contact a Board member if you are interested.

Fairfield HOA Board

Joe Brandhuber

Fred Wayand

Sharon Jarvis

PURPOSE: The Board of Directors (BOD) has authorized the establishment of a “Landscape Committee” (“LC”). The purpose of the committee is to serve at the will of the BOD on all matters pertaining to the aesthetics and maintenance of Fairfield’s common area landscaping, irrigation, and lighting, including the pool area and the community structure (Cabana).  The LC is responsible for monitoring common area maintenance and recommending common area improvements to the BOD.  The LC may also be called upon to provide advice on homeowner’s landscape plans.

COMMITTEE STRUCTURE AND TERMS: The LC will be chaired by a BOD member as required by Arizona State Law.  The LC will be comprised of a BOD Chair and 2-4 homeowner volunteers.  Additional members maybe be appointed on an as needed basis.  Each member of the committee must be unencumbered by any conflict of interest. Members will be appointed by the BOD through a resolution.

Appointment consideration criteria will include, but will not be limited to, relevant experience, willingness and availability to serve, ability to get along with others, fairness, and ability to function as a team.

AUTHORITIES: The BOD has the right and authority to disband and discontinue the LC or a LC subcommittee, as well as appoint or dismiss a committee member or subcommittee member, with or without cause. The BOD may delegate any or all of the authorities vested in the Board by the Governing Documents of the Fairfield HOA, to the LC, and these authorities may change at any time in accordance with the desires of the Board.


  • The LC shall report regularly to the Board.
  • The LC Chair, or their designee, shall make a report of the committee’s actions to the BOD at the annual board meeting, and other BOD meetings when requested by the BOD.
  • The LC Chair shall have the authority to request proposals.
  • The LC Chair/ Committee shall not request proposals or quotes directly from any vendors without the Board’s approval.
  • Adherence to the rules and regulations set forth in the governing documents.
  • Assist the BOD in developing and prioritizing goals, projects, and tasks at the start of each fiscal year and as needed.
  • Research and provide recommendations to the BOD on projects.
  • Treat all requests without bias or prejudice.
  • Manage the vendor(s) work on the common areas to ensure a high standard and quality. Report to the BOD vendor status and/or issues on a regular basis.

COMPLIANCE: The LC is not authorized to financially or legally obligate the Fairfield HOA in any services, hire contractors, purchase equipment or supplies, or approve such requests unless it has been authorized by the BOD. The LC shall meet as needed to review landscape maintenance, including irrigation and lighting, and related projects, and assign tasks as required.

The BOD has the right and authority to take action and/or make decisions with or without involving any committees and take action and/or make decisions which are consistent with and/or contrary, in whole or in part, to any committee or subcommittee recommendations, should they see the need. The BOD also has the right to amend this Charter, should it be required.

APPROVED AND ACCEPTED BY: The Fairfield of Rancho Vistoso Homeowners Association No. 1 Board of Directors On XXXXXX, 2020

——————————— —————————— ———————————

Joe Brandhuber, President      Fred Wayand, Treasurer      Sharon Jarvis, Sec. /VP