Streets in Fairfield are not wide enough for parking on both sides of the street.  It causes a dangerous situation for emergency vehicles due to the narrowness of the street when cars or trucks are parked across the street from one another.  The situation also makes it difficult for homeowners to back out of their driveway and limits their vision to see oncoming traffic.

This dangerous parking situation is primarily being caused by the number of vendors servicing Fairfield homes and sometimes guests.  The vendors are construction contractors, heating/cooling services and installation, landscape maintenance, pool services, and housecleaners.

Ensure all vehicles arriving at your house do not cause this dangerous situation.  Have your vendor or guest park on the same side of the street as other vehicles already present or provide your driveway for parking.  Homeowners and residents are responsible for these vehicles and the safety of our streets.  Ensure a vendor knows how to safely park if you are not home.

Please review Sections G and I in the Design Guidelines relating to street parking and homeowner responsibilities for contractors. CLICK HERE.

As a reminder to everyone, there is No Parking Overnight on Fairfield streets. Please read Resolution 16 CLICK HERE.

Residents have also been noticing vehicles parked in the “hammerhead” at the end of Titlest.  No parking is allowed at anytime in this area.  This area includes the entire street, not just were the curb is painted red.  This is a fire department regulation.  Please review Rule 2 CLICK HERE.

Best Regards,

The Fairfield Board