Over the past 2 years many residents, both new to Fairfield and existing residents, have engaged contractors for approximately 140 projects requiring ARC approval.

Integral to ARC approval is the resident agreeing to follow the Design Guidelines Section G, “Approval and Completion of Improvements.” Part of this section addresses contractor behavior which the resident is responsible for whether they are on-site or not.

Unfortunately, there have been several instances where a contractor has not abided by the directions detailed in Section G. The Board requests that you review Section G with your contractor making sure they understand the requirements. If a contractor does not adhere the resident is responsible which can lead to a notice of violation.

In addition to Section G., homeowners are responsible to ensure their contractors abide by the CC&R Section 10.16 Nuisance, Rubbish, Etc. Contractors playing very loud music is one example and in this case a neighbor may consider calling the Oro Valley Police Department.

If impacted by a contractor’s behavior do not hesitate to contact a Board member or HBS for resolution.