Greetings Homeowners,

Most of you receive the Fairfield HOA newsletter on the 1st of every month.  It comes via ‘’ and displays as ‘Fairfield Vistoso HOA’ in the ‘From’ section on your email message.  To view information in the Newsletter, you would click on a subject, which would normally send you to the specific  “Announcement” section on the Fairfield website.  If you are attempting this from a location outside the U.S. (such as Mexico or Canada), you will not be able to access the Fairfield website or any information on the website, such as the “Announcements”.

For security purposes, the Fairfield website does not allow access to anyone who is outside of the U.S.  Once you return to the U.S., you are able to check the website, and the “Announcements”, as normal.

Please contact a Fairfield Website Committee member with any questions.

Fairfield HOA Website Committee

Sharon Jarvis, Al Stecklein, Linda Longlet, Joe Brandhuber