Please review the information from our resident, Bill Sugars, and follow his recommendations.
The Fairfield Board

I have prepared the following recap addressing last Wednesday’s, November 18, Oro Valley Town Council meeting regarding the Vistoso golf course property.  Based on the meeting, there is a way to pressure Romspen to come back to the table and involve the Town and The Conservation Fund in purchasing the property.  It’s not 100% certain, but I think the Town Council has decided to take a position to benefit all Oro Valley residents.

I asked Preserve Vistoso to address some comments made at the November 18th meeting by a couple of residents about Preserve Vistoso’s rumored involvement with the Romspen negotiations. The Preserve Vistoso Board of Directors gave me this response for all to read:

” Preserve Vistoso is not, nor has it been, working on a deal with Council Member Solomon. We learned about his motion to create a working committee in the Town Council meeting at the same time as everyone else. We are excited about the Mayor’s unanimously approved motion to have town staff work towards negotiating the sale of the Vistoso Property so that it can remain recreational or open space in perpetuity.”

Here is what I am asking you to do:

1. Please review the following motion made by Mayor Winfield and subsequently approved by a 7-0 vote of the council.  ” I move to direct the Town Manager and Town Attorneys as follows: first to initiate communications with Romspen and any other third parties in their discretion in an effort to negotiate the sale subject to Mayor and Council approval of acreage at the former Vistoso Golf Course zoned open space/golf for fair market value on or before April1, 2021, and second to keep council regularly informed on the status of these efforts.”

2. Forward this email or pass along this information to all of your Oro Valley friends and talk to them about the importance of maintaining the golf course property as recreational or open space in perpetuity.

3. Attend the next Town Council General Session ZOOM meeting on December 2nd at 6 PM. It is CRITICAL that we keep this issue in front of the council and make sure going forward that the efforts being taken are transparent, realizing that some aspects of ongoing negotiations will be confidential. Please continue to ask questions and share your concerns with the town staff and council members.

4. Send thank you emails to Mayor Winfield and the town council. The council has an email address of and Mayor Winfield’s email is


Bill Sugars