An ARC form is required for ANY  change to the outside of your home or property.  Contact an ARC member if you have questions or need assistance with the form. ARC members are Jeff Jarvis, Ann Nuorala, Sandra Keeney, and Board Chair Joe Brandhuber.

As a reference, below are excerpts from the Fairfield CC&R’s and Design Guidelines:

Fairfield CC&R’s Section 4.2:

No improvements, alterations, repairs, excavations, grading, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of the properties or a lot, or the improvements thereon, from its natural or improved state shall be made or done without the prior approval, in writing, of the Architectural Control Committee.  No improvement of any nature whatsoever shall be commenced, erected, improved, altered, modified, placed or made on any portion of the properties without prior written consent of the Architectural Control Committee.

Fairfield Design Guidelines, Item G:

  1. Approval and Completion of Improvements

All external changes or modifications to an existing home and property must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  Such submittal must be in writing using the electronic form (eform) on the Fairfield website.

If you need assistance with the website and/or ARC form, please contact a Website Communications Member:  Linda Longlet, Sharon Jarvis, or Al Stecklein