Fairfield Benevolent Neighbors, 

Our Fairfield Neighborhood is signed up to repeat our dinner preparation for the families staying at Tucson Ronald MacDonald House on Monday January 23, 2023 from 4 to 6 pm. 

These out of town families are provided free housing while their child is receiving medical care at our Tucson facilities. Imagine the joy of coming back to the House and having a meal awaiting them after a long day spent at the hospital with their sick child.

1.   We are asking for donations of money to buy the groceries for the home cooked dinner. You can either drop off money or a check to Marsha Thrall, 1080 W Titleist Drive OR you can “Zelle” me your donation at my cell phone number, 425-454-8230.

2.  We are asking for volunteer Chefs (up to 12) to go to the Ronald MacDonald House and cook that night.  The newly renovated kitchen is fabulous! Just email me back if you would like to participate.

From the Ronald McDonald House:

1 Get a group of people together as Chefs for the Day!!!

2 Decide what you would like to make and shop for the ingredients.

3 Plan a well-rounded meal (main dish and side dishes; beverages and desserts are optional) that will serve 30 people.

4 Bring all food items on January 23rd and prepare the meal in the RMHC kitchen from 4-6pm. All pots, pans, utensils, and serving dishes are available on-site for your use.

In advance, thank you for your support and participation.

Isabel Hendricks

Marsha Thrall (Thrallbona@msn.com or 425-454-8230 cell)