Landscape Committee Announcement

In January, the Board established an Ad Hoc committee called the Common Area Revitalization Committee. We were tasked with reviewing existing vegetation, land contours, and amenities in the common areas inside the entrance gate, cabana, pool and common area outside the entrance gate. The committee established priorities and worked with a few landscape companies to develop a plan that would give some tired areas of the common area a little refreshing. Areas identified are:

  1. Removing the existing patched concrete in front of the mailboxes and installing pavers that coordinate with the mailbox brick work.
  2. Refreshing the area along the sidewalk near the walk thru gate by updating the existing retaining wall using rip rap that matches what is used in other common areas.
  3. Raising the dirt level near the pool entrance sidewalk to correct the erosion.
  4. Removing aging and dying plants and adding drought tolerant plants with various color. The initial focus will be in the pool area.
  5. Re-rocking the entire common area behind the mailboxes and inside the pool area.

This highly anticipated project is to start this week, depending on the severity of the storms we’ve been having. The plantings will include 3 colors of salvia, new evergreen tangerine cross vines that bees aren’t as attracted to, emu bushes that will add a light red color to the purple blossoms of the existing Texas ranger bushes that are currently in full bloom. We will replace the existing Indian Hawthorn, add some golden barrel cactus, a Palo Verde tree and Mediterranean Fan Palm. Depending on the weather most of the work is expected to be completed by the end of Sept. We will then determine what other plantings can be done with the remaining budget.