Greetings Fairfield Homeowners,

Thank you to the 15 homeowners that braved the winds yesterday to attend the Board Meeting.  Also, thank you to John Herbers for substituting for Trenais, our HBS community representative.  We welcomed Craig MacKay to his first Board meeting as a Board Member.

Committee Appointments:

Website Communications Committee
Board member Sharon Jarvis
Linda Longlet
Al Stecklein

Architecture Review Committee
Board Chair Sharon Jarvis
Tom Longlet
Stacey Stanislaw

Landscape Committee
Board Chair Craig MacKay
Rich Hill
Martha Madani

The Antech Gate Access Management Agreement has been completed.  Antech will begin the process of transferring the community’s data such as gate codes, clickers, etc from Kaiser Gate.  If you need new access codes, etc, please wait until at least next week to request them from HBS.

Homeowner Forum:

A homeowner requested to have Fairfield participate in the twice yearly VCA garage sales.  Please check your inbox for an email from  It will contain a survey from Google Forms.

The Board plans to meet monthly and has tentatively scheduled meetings for the 4th Wednesday of each month.  Homeowners will receive notification emails as in the past.  If a meeting is not needed it will be cancelled in advance or meetings dates may be changed if needed because of scheduling conflicts.  During the summer months we plan on using Zoom and links will be emailed to homeowners.

Best Regards,

Sharon Jarvis
Sharon Scott
Craig MacKay