Board Meeting Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Here are some highlights from the meeting, however this information does not replace official minutes that will be approved at the next Board meeting.

The majority of the meeting focused on the vehicle gate access system.  Many of our residents have had numerous entry issues over the last 6 months.  Our current gate vendor has not been able to solve the majority of the issues.  The Board and HBS would like to thank those residents for their patience throughout this process.

Joe Wetzel presented the following: (click on the link to view the presentation slides)

Gate Access Control Committee Report

The Board approved a contract with Alltech Gate Systems for a new access system by DoorKing to bring reliability lacking in our current system.  The system will be installed with the current phone line and then converted to internet soon thereafter.  This will bring more reliable data processing for codes, clickers, cards/headlight strips.  The new system will not feature a directory at the podium and new code policies will be introduced for deliveries and vendors.

The Board also approved a contract with Alltech Gate Systems for gate maintenance and access data services.  This contract will take effect as soon as the new system is operational.

In conjunction with the new access system, the Board approved a Comcast internet agreement.  The internet will be installed at the cabana and then connected via ethernet to the podium.

The Board has not yet discussed the use of the cabana internet for residents, however, they expect to as the project progresses.

Next the Board discussed an agreement with Smith & Wamsley for General Legal Representation and a $50 Monthly Retainer Agreement.  The Board needs to clarify legal services that may be part of the contract with HBS.  No motion was made.