Greetings Fairfield Homeowners,

The Board is scheduling the 2023 Fairfield Rancho Vistoso No. 1 Home Owners Association Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 4, 2023.  Time and place will be communicated at a later date.

The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting is to approve the 2022 Annual Meeting minutes and to announce the election of new Board member(s).  In addition, there will be summaries of actions taken during 2022.  HBS in early February will mail a meeting package containing 2022 draft minutes along with ballots for the election of new Board member(s).

Dependent on the number of candidates, the Board will consider increasing to 5 members rather than the current 3.  At least one candidate is necessary due to Joe Brandhuber’s expiring term. Sharon Jarvis and Sharon Scott will remain on the Board.  The new Board will meet after the 2023 Annual Meeting to elect officers.

The current Board are homeowners that leave for approximately 6 months during the summer.  Though able to perform our duties remotely, we feel the community would benefit from having a Board member(s) that reside in Fairfield full-time.  This will allow for a quicker identification and resolution of problems. However, we understand that summertime travel is likely for all Board members.

We are hoping for Board members that will monitor work performed by our landscaping and pool contractors and be involved with the preparation of both the operating and reserve budgets.   However, being a full-time resident or having experience in the aforementioned areas are not required.

Please consider serving your community as a Board member. The self-nomination form is available on line at the Fairfield website,  After logging in the self-nomination form is located under the Forms tab.

The nomination form deadline for submission is January 31, 2023.   Again, please consider running for the Board.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact a Board member.