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  2 items,
I read the newsletter and agree with the problem that excessive leaf blower noise is creating. Some of the landscaping crews seem to want to remove every leaf or twig on someone's property. Combining the noise from Fairfield plus the excessive blower noise from Sienna, it is very annoying and seems to occur throughout the day.
– limit the time a blower can be used on a particular property to 30 minutes
– 1 blower to be used at a time
– blow debris to the street and then have it swept up
– use electric blowers instead of gas
– if using gas blowers, put a decibel output limit on which brand can be used
I do not know if all these suggestions are practical, but I think a discussion is overdue.

Second- I have been working with Sharon on her transition to the Landscaping Committee. As we walked the property it is evident that pack rat and gopher activity has increased to the point that damage to the electric wiring, water lines and plants is inevitable. I do not know if this is due to the lack of rain or an overpopulation of rodents, but I would suggest we put a maintenance plan in our budget that will pay for aggressive action to at least minimize the rodent activity.
Thanks, Bill Sugars