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  S. Patrick
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  (925) 400-3428
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  13818 N Slazenger Drive
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  REQUEST: Driveway parking

We are requesting from the HOA that we be allowed to park one vehicle in the driveway of our lot. Our property has the smallest garage configuration in the subdivision. While our vehicles would fit by length (front to back), the width of the garage door opening and the minimal width of the garage does not provide sufficient room to open the driver's door on the car parked on the right side.

The obvious solution (backing into the right stall) is not a viable option. The steep pitch of the driveway on lot 66 is such that:
(a) backup cameras are looking "up in the air" preventing the driver from visualizing how close to the garage door frame or the car in the left spot.
(b) the driver actually has to accelerate to get up the slope while trying to navigate the narrow opening.
(c) attempting to back into the garage after sunset is even more hazardous

These factors make it unreasonable to perform such an exercise on a routine basis, as the risk of damaging the vehicle(s) or the exterior of the home a near certainty. Given that we are full-year residents, this becomes an every-day risk as opposed to a seasonal inconvenience. Notably, the previous tenants damaged their vehicles (torn-off side view mirror) dealing with these same conditions.

Therefore, we respectfully submit that having one of our two vehicles parked in the driveway is aligned with the CCRs, given that (a) backing into the garage is not viable for our lot, and (b) the driver cannot get into the vehicle on the right side when two vehicles are parked inside the garage facing forward.

Please contact me with to confirm that the HOA agrees or with any questions,
Patrick Volkir

Simplified Summary of Section 10.11 (A) (Parking)

Any and all motor vehicles […] shall be stored in a garage […], with the exception that vehicles […] may be parked on the paved driveway surfaces of each Lot when there is insufficient room within an enclosed garage.