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  This morning as we had breakfast outside in our shaded area we heard landscaping blowers starting at 7:50 am. The sound was getting very loud and I could smell diesel fumes at our patio. It was continuing after 20 mins. I walked around the corner and saw the noise was coming from 13831 Titleist Dr. I saw 2 blowers in use at the same time in that yard and a third person in the back. With our hot dry conditions it was causing much spread of dirt and pollen. The sound was unbearable so I covered my eyes. As I write this they were blowing for 30 mins or more.
I ask the board to discuss and take action to contact the owner and have them contact the landscaper and have them limit blowing to only 1 blower at a time and keep blowing to a minimum. High winds are now blowing a lot of debris. Sweeping using a broom and dustpan would work well. I am concerned about diesel air pollution and diesel fuel with fire risk.
Thank you. Those of us who live here year-round need to enjoy any outdoor time we can.