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  This is a follow-up Contact Form to the one we sent on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 regarding the Security Gate Phone. Wendy from Kaiser contacted Linda on Tuesday afternoon to clarify our problem. She then sent a tech out Wednesday morning to test the gate phone. The tech called Linda's phone from the gate. Linda received the call, but pressing '9' did not work. The tech suggested we call Wendy again. Wendy tried removing Linda from the database and re-entering her. When we tested it the 1st time on Thursday, the call did not ring the phone. We tested Tom's phone, which rang, but he was not able to press '9' and open the gate. We tried them both a 2nd time and they both rang through and were able to press '9' to open the gate. We sent this information to Wendy. Wendy says she is not getting any other trouble reports from the our neighborhood. I told her I would ask around and see if anyone else is having this problem. So far, Ruth Field says she has had problems periodically. Would it be possible to post and Announcement on the Fairfield website which will go out in the December 1st Newsletter reminding homeowners to submit a Contact Form if they are having issues with the Security Gate Phone?