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(503) 757-6742
1101 W Mulligan Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85755
United States
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Project Information
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Desired Work Start Date
Anticipated Work Completion Date
Description of work to be done
Stucco work done on 3 walls in back of house. The work will be done by Jose, who is a part time stucco contractor, that is recommended by Robert at RFIII. Robert has done several painting jobs in our community and highly recommended.He only works on weekends, but he can park in my driveway and bring equipment and material to back yard to work. Once the stucco drys and cures, the area will be painted by Robert at RFIII Painting; however, that could be 2 or 3 months later, depending on cure time.
Compliance with Design Guidelines-Section G
  • Yes


Materials & Paint
Type of materials to be used
Stucco materials. Paint will be same as current color.
Paint color(s) to be used
Paint Manufacturer: Sherwin-Williams
Body Color: Mexican Sand – SW7519
Trim Color:


Color chip obtained for color match
  • I confirm I will obtain a LASER match if using a paint vendor other than Sherwin-Williams or Dunn-Edwards.*


Different Paint from Neighbor
  • I confirm my paint color selections are DIFFERENT than my side-yard adjacent neighbors.*


Supporting Documents
Modification Compliance
  • I confirm that I have read the CC&Rs, Fairfield Design Guidelines and Vistoso Community Association (VCA) guidelines available from the HOA Docs page and believe that the above-mentioned modifications comply.*


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Richard Hill
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