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Who should I call if I need work done?2020-04-25T13:46:07-07:00

Fairfield Homeowners have compiled a list of companies they have used in a ‘TRADES LIST’.  Click this link, or find it in ‘NEWS & RESOURCES’ – ‘Neighborhood Services’ on the Home menu.

NOTE:  The HOA or homeowners do not guarantee or endorse specific trades or work groups.

Who is Fairfield’s Property Manager?2022-11-01T09:59:29-07:00

Property Management Company – HBS Management Solutions

7400 N Oracle Rd, Suite 311, Tucson AZ. 85704 (see address below for payments)

Tucson, AZ 85704

Click here for Fairfield Property Manager contact info.

HBS Accounting for ACH information-HOA fees, etc. –  520-867-6100

Mail payments to:  P.O. Box 64758

Tucson, AZ. 85728

Who do I call at the management company when I need help?2022-02-05T10:39:13-07:00

Fairfield Property Manager – HBS Management Solutions

Click here for the Fairfield Property Manger contact info.

For Accounting questions, such as setting up at ACH, or questions about your HOA fee payments, call:


Mail payments to:  P.O. Box 64758

Tucson, AZ. 85728


Where do I find a copy of my Association documents?2020-04-08T16:32:00-07:00

On the homepage of the Fairfield Vistoso website click on ‘HOA Docs’ on the menu bar.

What is the timeframe security gate codes allow access to the community?2021-01-22T12:14:36-07:00

The homeowner’s personal security gate code allows access 24/7.  This code is for the homeowner’s personal use and should not be given to anyone.

The homeowner’s vendor code(s) allows security gate access Monday-Saturday 7:00am-5:00pm.  The vendor codes are to be used for vendors hired by the homeowner, such as landscape companies, construction companies, house cleaning services, etc.

If a homeowner’s security gate code has been compromised, a new code may be assigned by contacting the Fairfield Property Manager.

What is the ARC request form, and how do I submit one?2020-04-25T13:56:48-07:00

The ARC Request form is the sole form to be used when requesting approval for any external modification, property improvement, and landscaping projects. It can be found on our website and must be completed completely and submitted to HBS Management Solutions before any project is started. Some projects require approval from the Master HOA, Vistoso Community Association (VCA).  The Fairfield ARC will contact you if this is necessary.  The VCA ARC has 30 says to review a project and reply to the homeowner.

On the Fairfield Vistoso website menu bar, click on ‘FORMS’.  A sub-menu will appear, then click on the form titled ‘ARC Request’. The form can be completed on-line and submitted electronically.

What hours are the Fairfield pool and spa open?2020-12-10T14:58:07-07:00

The Fairfield pool and spa are open 7:00am-10:pm.

What do my HOA dues pay for?2020-04-08T16:31:18-07:00

Our monthly dues pay for maintenance and repair of our streets, sidewalks, pool, spa, cabana, common area landscape and irrigation, security gate and entry system, pest control, utilities, administration, and also a reserve fund for short term and long term capital projects.

What are the rules regarding renting or leasing my home?2020-04-25T14:00:32-07:00

There are two sections in the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CC&R’s) relating to the renting and leasing of homes in Fairfield.  Section 10.10 and Section 3.2. Further information is available from the State of Arizona under Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 33-1806.01

In summary, a home in Fairfield can be rented or leased to a SINGLE FAMILY for NO LESS THAN 90 DAYS.  A TENANT INFORMATION form,  ALONG WITH A PROCESSING FEE OF $25.00 must be submitted to the management company.  When renting or leasing your property, you are delegating your ‘right of enjoyment to the Common Areas and facilities’. However, the homeowner remains responsible for all assessments, fees, and fines.

What are the rules regarding cars in my driveway, cars parked in the street?2020-04-08T16:07:06-07:00

Article X, Section 10.11 of the CC&R’s states:  ‘…Any and all motor vehicles not prohibited by the provisions hereof shall be stored in a garage, with the garage door closed…’

What are the rules regarding “Guests”, individuals who do not have a lease or pay rent?2020-04-25T14:02:34-07:00

In Fairfield, a “Guest” is defined as those in the use of the home on a short term basis, when the Owner is not in residence.  Homeowners may allow friends and/or family, collectively referred to as “Guests”, to use their home on a short term basis without a lease agreement or an exchange of funds.

Homeowners MUST notify the management company of the Guests arrival and departure dates by submitting the Guest Information form.

Please note, you are delegating your ‘right of enjoyment to the Common Areas and facilities’ when Guests are using your home when you are not in.

However, the homeowner remains responsible for all assessments, fees, and fines.

What are the rules for using the Fairfield pool, spa and cabana area?2021-01-07T09:36:14-07:00

For the enjoyment and safety of all the Fairfield Residents, please adhere to the following rules:



  •  NO PETS
  •  NO DIVING (back flips, etc.)
  • All Persons using Pool/Spa area do so at their own risk.  The Association DOES NOT provide lifeguards.
  • Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by a Member who is a responsible adult 21 or older.  The adult must stay with the children at all times.  If the adult leaves the pool enclosure for any reason, the children must also leave the pool enclosure.  This rule also applies to guests under 14 years of age.
  • Guests using pool area need to be accompanied by an Association member 18 years or older who is responsible for their adherence to the rules.
  • Proper swimming attire is required when using the pool.  No cutoffs, long sweatshirts, etc. are allowed.
  • DISPOSABLE DIAPERS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Only rubber/plastic watertight pants over diapers are permitted.
  • No running, roughhousing, loud/obscene language, loud music or unsafe games are permitted.
  • The use of toys is permitted to the extent that it does not cause any disruption to others. NO hard balls are allowed. (footballs, baseballs, tennis balls, etc.)
  • NO glassware, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades/skates are allowed in the pool area.
  • Gates to the pool area must be securely closed at all times.  As per the Arizona State Law.
  • Members and guests will not eat or drink, while in the pool.
  • Members and guests are responsible for picking up their belongings and trash and returning chairs and tables to their appropriate places.
  • All persons who use the pool area must conform to ALL RULES. Any person may be barred at the discretion of the Board of Directors and / or their representatives for violating the rules or creating a hazard.  Additionally, the responsible Member may be charged for property damage caused by themselves or any of their guests.



Fairfield Rancho Vistoso No. 1 Homeowners Association thanks you for your cooperation in helping to keep the community safe, clean and attractive for everyone.

Updated COVID Pool and Spa Rules

January 6, 2021



Covid-19 Guidelines:

  • Pool Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily
  • Social distancing (6ft) must be followed at all times by all pool users.
  • Two unrelated swimmers can occupy the pool at the same time. Only one person may occupy the spa.
  • All pool users are requested to sanitize the pool rails, bathroom handles, and the gate when finished using the pool.

The pool furniture is available for use.  The cushions are available at your discretion and are located in the restrooms.

What are the approved paint colors for my association?2020-04-08T16:18:31-07:00

A detailed explanation and procedure for choosing an exterior house paint color is in the Fairfield Design Guidelines.  Please check the Fairfield website for the most current version.

On the homepage of the Fairfield Vistoso website on the menu bar, click  “HOA-Docs”.  A sub-menu will appear, then click on Design Guidelines.

What activities require an ARC request?2020-04-08T16:23:59-07:00

Article IV, Section 4.2 of the CC&R’s states in summary ‘No improvements, alterations, repairs, excavations, grading, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of the properties or a lot, from its natural or improved state shall be made or done without the PRIOR  approval, in writing, of the Architectural Review Committee….’

My house needs painting but I’m not sure what color it is today, or I want a new color. What should I do?2020-04-25T14:07:17-07:00

Contact an ARC member to determine the color of your home.  ARC members have color samples of the approved color schemes.  The Fairfield Design Guidelines state the following:

  1. A homeowner may use any brand of paint, but MUST use the SW(Sherwin Williams) code(s), or Dunn Edwards code(s) and a sample paint chip listed in the Design Guidelines.  When purchasing the paint from a store other than Sherwin Williams, or Dunn Edwards, give the SW or DE number listed and the SW or DE  paint chip of the color for laser color matching to the paint store. Paint chips are available from any SW or DE paint store or can be borrowed from an ARC member.
  1. Paint colors from previously approved color schemes are NOT allowed.  Only the color codes in the Design Guidelines approved list can be used.
  1. Garage doors must be painted the same color as the house.
  1. The colors selected must have a Light Reflective Value of 50 or less.
  1. The accent color cannot cover more than 33% of the surface area of the front of the house.  When submitting a request to the ARC for repainting, the request shall include a rendering, or picture, showing what areas in the front of the house will be painted using an accent color.  The use of accent colors, while not mandatory, shall be strongly encouraged.
  1. Accent colors cannot be applied to the sides and rear of a house.
  1. Only one of the two accent colors that are unique to the selected color scheme can be used.
  1. When a house is repainted the Body/Garage Color selected may not be the same Body/Garage Color as the side-yard adjacent house.
How often does the Fairfield Property Manager tour my neighborhood and note violations?2021-12-30T10:15:38-07:00

An HBS Management Solutions representative is in our neighborhood every other week. Our contract with HBS states the following:

“Conduct two site tours per month of the community to ensure CC&R compliance and address any site-specific member concerns including direct contact with the homeowner via in person, telephone, email, and USPS mail or other methods HBS judges appropriate to the circumstance.”

They look for weeds, trash cans, debris, parking and possible ARC violations.  In addition they look at the common areas to ensure they are being attended to properly.

How do I report a problem, e.g. the pool, irrigation leak, gate or report an HOA violation?2022-02-05T10:44:09-07:00

Click here for the ‘Contact’ form.  Complete the form and click ‘SUBMIT’ at the bottom. The form will be emailed to the Fairfield Property Manager at HBS Management Solutions.

How do I obtain security gate devices or pool gate keys? How much do they cost?2024-01-24T15:31:15-07:00

Homeowners may purchase keys or security gate access devices by contacting the Fairfield Property Manager.

The Security Gate System and remote devices are ‘HomeLink’ compatible.

The price for keys and remotes are as listed below:


Pool/walk through front entrance – (1 key accesses both gates) $5.00 each


Clicker (visor or fob) Remote – $25.00 each + tax/shipping/handling if req.

Window Sticker remote (also called Dolphin reader strip) – $6.00 + tax/shipping/handling if req.

Plastic cards – $6.00 + tax/shipping/handling if req.

(NOTE:  The cost of the clicker and sticker are set by the gate maintenance company)

Each remote will be assigned to the homeowner by the gate company. Activation may take up to 7 business days after purchase.

HBS Community Management will bill the homeowner for the remote device(s)  and  keys on their regular monthly Fairfield HOA statement.

How do I find out when the BOD meetings are going to be?2020-04-25T13:59:24-07:00

Board of Director meetings are scheduled throughout the year and are open to all members.  Meeting notices are posted on our website under ‘News & Resources’, ‘Announcements’.  They will also be posted on the ‘Events Calendar’.   Members are encouraged to attend Board meetings and to volunteer for committee work.  If you are interested please contact the Fairfield Property Manager at HBS Management Solutions.

How do I discharge my pool/spa?2020-04-21T23:08:04-07:00

Click the link below for the Town of Oro Valley pool/spa discharge requirements:

Town of Oro Valley — Spa & Pool Discharge Requirements

How do I contact our management company?2020-04-08T12:25:13-07:00

Use the contact information below to reach our community manager, or send an email from the Contact page.

Community Information


Community Manager:
HBS Management Solutions

Mail Payments to:
P.O. Box 64758, Tucson, AZ 85728

Mail all other correspondence to:
7400 N Oracle Rd., Suite 311, Tucson, AZ 85704

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm

Office Phone:
(520) 838-0276


24-hour Emergency Phone:
(520) 544-5791

How can I pay my association dues?2021-09-29T07:31:48-07:00

The options are:

  1. Mail a check to:Fairfield Rancho Vistoso #1 Homeowners Association
    ℅ HBS Management Solutions
    P.O. Box 64758, Tucson, AZ. 85728
  2. Log on to the HBS website and click on ‘’Resources’, then, Make a Payment’ at www.hbsmanagementsolutions.com
  3. Call the HBS Accounting department on 520-867-6100 to request ACH payments
  4. Homeowners can set up online bill pay with their personal bank
Do I need to submit an ARC request to paint my house the same color?2020-04-08T16:22:44-07:00

Yes. The color palette has been revised and new paint color names and numbers must be used.

Do I need to submit an ARC request for landscaping?2020-04-08T16:23:22-07:00

Yes. The character of the landscaping to be placed on all visible portions or buffer yards of each built lot, or any portion of a built lot not enclosed by a wall, must be compatible with the HOA standards, and must have the written approval of the Architectural Review Committee.

Are there restrictions on the number and types of animals allowed in the neighborhood?2020-04-25T14:03:11-07:00

Article X, Section 10.4 states in summary, farm animals or pets which are not commonly considered to be domestic pets are prohibited.

Two cats OR dogs in aggregate are allowed.

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