Contact an ARC member to determine the color of your home.  ARC members have color samples of the approved color schemes.  The Fairfield Design Guidelines state the following:

  1. A homeowner may use any brand of paint, but MUST use the SW(Sherwin Williams) code(s), or Dunn Edwards code(s) and a sample paint chip listed in the Design Guidelines.  When purchasing the paint from a store other than Sherwin Williams, or Dunn Edwards, give the SW or DE number listed and the SW or DE  paint chip of the color for laser color matching to the paint store. Paint chips are available from any SW or DE paint store or can be borrowed from an ARC member.
  1. Paint colors from previously approved color schemes are NOT allowed.  Only the color codes in the Design Guidelines approved list can be used.
  1. Garage doors must be painted the same color as the house.
  1. The colors selected must have a Light Reflective Value of 50 or less.
  1. The accent color cannot cover more than 33% of the surface area of the front of the house.  When submitting a request to the ARC for repainting, the request shall include a rendering, or picture, showing what areas in the front of the house will be painted using an accent color.  The use of accent colors, while not mandatory, shall be strongly encouraged.
  1. Accent colors cannot be applied to the sides and rear of a house.
  1. Only one of the two accent colors that are unique to the selected color scheme can be used.
  1. When a house is repainted the Body/Garage Color selected may not be the same Body/Garage Color as the side-yard adjacent house.