Homeowners may purchase keys or security gate access devices by contacting the Fairfield Property Manager.

The Security Gate System and remote devices are ‘HomeLink’ compatible.

The price for keys and remotes are as listed below:


Pool/walk through front entrance – (1 key accesses both gates) $5.00 each


Clicker (visor or fob) Remote – $25.00 each + tax/shipping/handling if req.

Window Sticker remote (also called Dolphin reader strip) – $6.00 + tax/shipping/handling if req.

Plastic cards – $6.00 + tax/shipping/handling if req.

(NOTE:  The cost of the clicker and sticker are set by the gate maintenance company)

Each remote will be assigned to the homeowner by the gate company. Activation may take up to 7 business days after purchase.

HBS Community Management will bill the homeowner for the remote device(s)  and  keys on their regular monthly Fairfield HOA statement.